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Q:  Why should I use RevenueResponse as my network?
A:  Excellent and higly competitve rates, stable and timely payouts, 3-tier lifetime publisher referral program, a large selection of ad types and the ability to choose which campaigns appear on your site.
Q:  How do I join?
A:  Fill out a simple membership form and you're on your way. The site review process typically takes 24-48 hours. Join now!
Q:  Do I have to pay to join?
A:  No - the program has no cost to participate. We're paying you, not the other way around.
Q:  Can a Web site outside the United States apply?
A:  Yes. We welcome Publishers from anywhere in the world.
Q:  How much will I get paid to run RevenueResponse advertising?
A:  All RevenueResponse campaigns are offered on a per-country CPM basis. RevenueResponse's per-country rates can be viewed in your RevenueResponse personal account information, though advertising rates can vary. For more accurate information, sign up to become a member and you can find the rates listed in your personal profile, from which you can then determine what the payout will be.
Q:  When do I get paid?
A:  Payments are made on 1st and 16th days of the month for the previous month. If your balance for the previous month is over $100 and you have provided complete payment information, you will receive a payment shortly thereafter. Unpaid balances are rolled-over to the next month. Please note, that some payment methods are faster to process then other. Bank wire transfer may take up to 5 weekdays to arrive due to banking delays, while ePassporte is credited almost instantly. You may check your payments status in your payment details statistics or query our support managers for updates.
Q:  How do I get paid?
A:  We currently support Bank Wire Transfer, ePassporte, Fethard, Postal Checks and WebMoney payment methods to pay our publishers.
Q:  What is the minimum traffic level to be a part of the network?
A:  We dont force any minimal quota for you to be a part of the network.
Q:  How does the publisher referral program work?
A:  First off, unlike the most networks out there, RevenueResponse referral earnings are LIFETIME. Which means, if you ever refer a publisher into the program, you get your percent cut as long as he is active. When a new publisher links to RevenueResponse from your website, joins and is accepted for membership, you receive a bonus equal to 6 percent of their net earnings. The referral program is 3-tier deep, which means when this new publisher refers another webmaster into the system (tier 2 referral) you receive a bonus equal to 3 percent of this webmaster's earnings in addition to 6 percent bonus received from tier 1 referral you referred. And finally when tier 2 referred webmaster refers another publisher into the system you receive a bonus equal to 1 percent of that tier 3 referred publisher, making the overall chain stacking up to 10 percent bonus for referring new publishers into the system. The referral links are located under the "Referral" menu in RevenueResponse member's area.
Q:  How does RevenueResponse track impressions generated by my web sites?
A:  The Publisher Code we provide you contain certain parameters that uniquely identify your web site. When user sees an advertising Creative, RevenueResponse is able to determine that your web site generated an ad for this user. Since the Code we provide you are the only way to track impressions on your web site, you must use the Code exactly as given and make no manual modifications in order to ensure accurate statistics and payment credit.
Q:  How do I create advertising Code and start serving Creatives?
A:  We have an automatic Code Generator tool in your Member's Area, which should be used to create advertising HTML code that you need to cut and paste into your Web site's page source.
Q:  Where should I place the code on my site?
A:  You should place the code according to HTML language principles, basically somewhere in between your website's <BODY> and </BODY> code tags.
Q:  How often should I update my Codes?
A:  In general, you shouldnt update the advertising codes frequently. However, we are constantly adding new features and services, so you may create new codes that improve your earnings. Just keep up with the program news.
Q:  Does RevenueResponse restrict some ways of advertisement?
A:  Besides of few prohibited abusive ways of online advertisement (e.g. unsolicited email spamming) RevenueResponse does not restrict any of your advertising activities.
Q:  How can I be sure that all the ads RevenueResponse will run on my site are appropriate?
A:  All the ads that are available to run across your website will appear in your account. Once there, you have the option to include or exclude any of the campaigns of existing advertisers. We have provided tools to automatically filter out and/or notify you of any campaigns that do not match your requirements.
Q:  Do I have to run all ad formats or can I choose which formats I want on my site?
A:  We are currently serving 720x300 leaderboard ad format by default. Keep in mind that the more ad types and campaigns you select can help boost your overall revenue. But we leave that choice to you!